Holistic Supply Chain

The mirror of your delivery capacities

What it is

The Holistic Supply Chain Tool will enable complex Supply Chains with several product transformations to talk in a common language and have a near-real-time overview of stocks and demand dynamics amongst Supply Chain members


Real-life cases show up to:

  1. 70% fewer Bullwhip effects,
  2. 40% lower stocks, and up to
  3. 80% lower Obsolete Materials during Model Changes.

At the same time, Customer Service levels can be increased

Typical use cases

By having demand development data and stock levels across Supply Chains you will be able to:

  1. Recognize Inventory Overstock and Understock,
  2. Manage Model Phase-Outs much better,
  3. Recognize Bullwhip effects anywhere in the Supply Chain,
  4. Simulate What-if scenarios in case of short term demand changes,
  5. Calculate the number of Survival Days in case of catastrophes, and
  6. Any other report you wish

What makes it different

The Holistic Supply Chain tool does not focus on warehousing, transport, and customs control. Instead it compares demand developments with stocks across Supply Chains

  1. Communication goes beyond a two-node modus whereas other Supply Chain tools focus on a set of two nodes in chains on a customer-supplier basis,
  2. Communication in a common language increases speed of corrective actions,
  3. A non-invasive (no access through firewalls required) data extraction method enables a very short implementation time,
  4. No changes are required on current ERP-systems and forecasting/ordering procedures,
  5. You are not asked to manage your Supply Chain, instead the focus is on exception management,
  6. Your company only gets involved in case of relevant events, and
  7. All participants benefit, a typical win-win situation

Management Summary and video


Holistic Supply Chain Video