Jelle van der Haak MBA CPIM

More than 20 years of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Experience at Operational, Tactical, and Strategical levels

Education and Professional Focus

  • Transport and Automotive – advanced Supply Chain Management applicable to any other industry
  • Independent Consultant since January 2020
  • PhD on Holistic Supply Chain Management: in progress with the University of Gießen, Germany
  • MBA at the University of Porthsmouth, United Kingdom
  • Bachelor degree on Logistics at the University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Certified Production and Inventory Manager (CPIM)
  • Certified Six Sigma Blackbelt
  • Certified Lean Manager
  • Languages: Dutch, German, English
  • Lived and worked in nine European countries, including Russia
  • Ability to expand manpower capacities at short notice through cooperations


Latest Developments

January 2020

Establishment of SCC Supply Chain Management e.U. by Jelle van der Haak

March 2020

Letter of Intent signed with consultancy and software company BearingPoint to develop and market the Holistic Supply Chain concept

April 2020

Start of six months Workshop with University of Graz, Digital Innovation Modelling

Objective: market research on how to improve Supply Chain performance and customer experience by introducing the Holistic Supply Chain concept

May 2021

Introducing Demand Analytics Module ensuring full control on customer demand, tooling & machine capacities, and supplier lead time violations resulting in improved production planning and increased customer service levels

August 2021

Cooperation with Jigsaw Business Group based in the UK, a management consulting and reqruiting company

February 2022

Cooperation with LNConsult based in Austria, a Logistics Consulting company specialized in internal logistics processes and supply chain footprint studies

December 2022

  • Cooperation with IQX-Group based in Austria, an interim and project management group with independent consultants as members
  • Cooperation with BearingPoint based in Austria, a management consulting and IT development company

January 2023

Cooperation with Campraga Solutions, a company specialized in the centralization of purchasing

September 2023

Cooperation with FOCUSON, Graz, Austria

The FOCUSON Group incorporates three divisions: Industrial Services, Personnel Management and Consulting Services. More than 20 years of experience and comprehensive expertise across a range of sectors form the basis for our multi-faceted portfolio of services for the automotive and manufacturing industry, as well as for trading companies

October 2023

Collaboration with Peter Spatzek from Graz, Austria. Specialised in MTM logistics based material flow analyses, support from warehouse to supermarket planning in the manufacturing area “Point of Fit”, and planning & calculation of greenfields

November 2023

Cooperation with PROBATUR GROUP, based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Their mission is to provide solutions to company management in whatever business situation by providing experts of every key process to reach Operational Excellence and to help persons in professional and personal life to reach Self-Realization

December 2023

Cooperation with inloop, based in Vienna, Austria

inloop supports companies in their supply chain transformation. In addition to supply chain resilience, international legislation and the decarbonisation of the supply chain are taken into account in the supply chain strategy and implemented in the company’s action



Supply Chain Matters

Three Pillars of Support
Practical examples
Practical experience as a pillar of my work
Holistic Supply Chain Management
Creating Competitive Advantage
Logistics Consultancy
A Continuous Improvement Journey


‘Visibility systems may be able to turn a potential $ 500,000 problem into a $ 5,000 problem’. Robert Handfield et al. For full article click here:

For many years, industry experts and scientists have been searching for Supply Chain Visualization on stocks and demand dynamics – so far without success. The Holistic Supply Chain concept is here to change that. It is the only product on the market which enables you to have full transparency across organizations by visualizing stocks and demand across nodes in Supply Chains

Other scientific statements related to Supply Chain Visualization

'... Although highly recommended, Supply Chain Visualization appears difficult to achieve and decision-makers believe that this can be related to a lack of a common metric.' McIntire, 2014;Somapa et al., 2018
'[..] Supply Chain Visualization [..] provides the required timely information from/to relevant supply chain partners for better decision support [..]' Messina, 2019; Goh et al., 2009
'[..] The main objective of sharing information is to increase supply chain performance [..]' Messina, 2019; Fantazy et al., 2011
'[..] Researchers and practitioners nowadays recommend a particular type of supply chain visibility, the so-called end-to-end visibility [..]' Somapa et al., 2018

University of Graz

Digital Innovation Modelling: Workshops by Uni for Life and companies with the objective to bring Innovative Ideas to the Market

Uni for Life: Institute for continuous learning from the University of Graz, Austria. Link






Results driven

There is no ‘one-size fits all’
Holistic Supply Chain: An Unique Concept! Stock and Demand Dynamics Visualization for production chains
Workshops: Transport and Warehousing
Benchmarking: Transport, Packaging & Warehousing services
Continuous Improvement: Essential for staying ahead of competition
KPI’s: Keep the Focus!
Footprint Studies: Determining the best production and warehousing locations
Costing: Sales and Purchasing decision support
Budgeting: At plant, division, and enterprise levels
Interim Management: Short term operational support
Training: On-Site or Online: Theory and Practice combined!
Logistics Framework Conditions: For Purchasing and ERP-Systems

The Supply Chain puts everything together

Creating Competitive Advantage out of it is the challenge. Contact us to explore opportunities



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