Project Description

Operational field: One piece flow – Kanban – Linefeeding


The United Kingdom, 2017 and Poland, 2018Production: foam pads for automotive seating


Component stock levels at production lines are far too high causing space and health and safety issue


Reduce stock levels at the production line to a maximum of one shift without causing line stops and a reduction of line feeding manpower.

Introduced actions:
  • Calculation of maximum shift requirements per item based on tool availability and maximum
    line speed
  • Reorganization of production line storage layout in accordance with the maximum number of
    pieces per component required
  • Reorganization of warehouse lay-out and line-feeding trolleys in order to accommodate the
    smaller quantity requirements
  • Negotiations with suppliers in order to optimize and reduce packaging quantities to come as
    close as possible to one shift requirements
  • Clean and spacious production area with a place for introducing extra production cells,
  • Reduction of one person per shift for line feeding at Wednesbury and two persons per shift at Zory,
  • Reduction of scrap rates by 15-20%% because of cleaner shop floor,
  • For Zory: introduction of line feeding train with the option of making it an AGV at a later stage.